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Content Creators… Welcome to Feedme

Feedme is a personal superfeed app that gives users absolute convenience in getting all the public content, news and information they want in one streamlined, customizable and shareable feed. It brings all the pages they already follow on all their favorite platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more to come) into one integrated app, and lets them find more great sources from those platforms and websites as well.

Feedme also gives users incredible control over what they see. They can uprank or downrank topics or sources, so they see more of what they want, and less or none of what they don’t want. They can see posts in breaking news order, or in viral order, or anywhere in between. And they can simply adjust their own algorithm to match their exact preferences. This means that you can feel sure your audience will get all of your content that they want, and you can keep posting to the platforms you’ve always used.

The Feedme Creator Portal allows you and your organization to connect all your channels together, so Feedme can recommend your page on one platform to users who follow you on another platform. You'll be able to easily and quickly authorize Feedme to engage with your social and web platforms, so your followers get all your content in real time. You will also be able to see a consolidated view of activity across all your social platforms by the users of Feedme.

To get started, simply click on the “Login” button below. This will provide a step-by-step process to get your content reliably delivered to your audience on Feedme

You can learn more about us by reading our blog here! If you would also like to connect RSS feeds, simply email us at info@feedme.app to get started.